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  • Business Coaching

    Business RN coaching programs are customized for each client to create the most productive, efficient means to create the results you want in your business. At Business RN, we know that most business owners are looking to create an asset they can be proud of. An asset that is not only self-sustaining but also supports the rich and fulfilling lifestyle that the owner wants to enjoy by generating the money and time needed for such a lifestyle.

    All coaching sessions include:

    • Goal Setting & Tracking
    • Accountability
    • Training/Lessons

    And most also include:

    • Business Vitals & Wellness Plan
    • Procedure Development
    • Marketing Plan & Implementation
    • Leadership & Communication Training

    There are several different options for business owners to choose from depending on their individual needs and wants. The perfect program for you will be determined after an in-depth conversation about those needs and wants with your Business RN during your complimentary coaching session.

  • Business Vitals

    This is a collection of data both subjective (your view) as well as objective (the facts) to determine the state of your business. The entire business is assessed including Sales, Leadership, Marketing, Customer Service, Financials, and all other areas. Once a clear picture of where your business is has been determined, we can then take a strategic approach at creating your 3 to 5-year Business Wellness Plan to get your business where you want it to be. It’s a little like GPS - you can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you currently are.

  • Business Wellness Plan

    This is an easy to view, one-page strategic plan that is the roadmap to create the asset that will provide you the rich and fulfilling lifestyle you are wanting. Depending on your wants and needs, this plan can be a 3-year, 5-year, even 10-year plan. It covers all relevant milestones and areas including financial goals, marketing, team culture, ideal customer profile, mission (personal & professional) and much more. Our focus begins with what you want your personal life to look like in a given timeframe, then we build a business plan and create business goals that are driven by your personal plan and goals.

  • Sales Training Program

    The Business RN sales training approach is much different than traditional sales training programs. We begin by creating a foundation based on an understanding of how the mind works, including training on the subconscious and conscious minds and their relationship to sales. This foundation is followed up by a detailed, step-by-step approach to sales including education, discussion, role-playing and games. The goal is to create “natural” sales people who do not “sell” but rather are “bought from” by very happy customers. This program is not only designed to increase sales, but also to improve employee morale and attitude.


  • Creation Mastery Program

    This 8-week program is designed especially for you, the leader of the business, in shifting your mindset to a place where you can create and lead your team in creating your vision. It consists of intense one-hour sessions focused on identifying the subconscious items keeping you from creating what it is you are trying to create. The approach is the same as Michelangelo’s when asked how he carved the statue of David, he replied “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn't look like David.” So we chip away what is not the leader to reveal the true leader – the real you.


  • Speaking Engagements

    Lindsey Swanson, owner of Business RN, is always seeking new opportunities to inspire, motivate and teach others in business. All speaking engagements are customized to the group she is speaking to and their needs. Compensation is negotiable and not always required. If you’re looking to shake it up a bit and bring some life back into your group, give her a call to schedule a free consultation.

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